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Be "The First to Try" Yam Haus's Latest Single

In their first single since the release of their "Stupid & Famous" EP back in 2023, Yam Haus has released "First to Try", a hypnotic, vulnerable track. Yam Haus is a Minneapolis-based alt-rock trio that has set themselves apart in the industry by creating captivating, yet personal and relatable, songs. "First to Try" is no different and leans into the new guitar-driven rock sound of the band. In addition to the single, the band also produced a corresponding music video that can be found at the end of the article..

The song opens with a hypnotic, rhythmic guitar and drum beat that is present throughout the song. It sets the tone for an energetic yet undeniably vulnerable song that contrasts with the deep and meaningful lyrics. Listeners will feel the dichotomy of the upbeat tempo paired with the lyrics as the chorus hits with "It makes me cry" and "I dare you to love me // You won't be the first to try". It speaks to that inner turmoil many of us thought at one time or another: am I loveable and can anyone love me?

"First to Try" is about anxiety and self-loathing and believing lies about yourself. A lot of these lies are formed in when we're younger and you carry them with you into adulthood and they affect the people closest to you. It's about feeling stuck in cyclical behaviors that cause more pain than necessary. It's about feeling trapped by your own humanity, unworthy of love, and feeling powerless to do anything to fix it. I believe this is something we all feel to varying degrees throughout our lives.

The second chorus hits on the idea of these lies we're told about ourselves at a young age when Lars sings "I carry these lies I've been told // Bleeding out since 15 years old" and how it bleeds into our adulthood with "I never should have done what I did // I break your heart every day". I know many fans will relate to the lyrics on an incredibly personal level and might be reminded of specific events in childhood that led to this anxiety and, in many cases, trauma. The lyric that resonated with me was "I smile and laugh breaking down inside" as those fighting the biggest battles are usually the ones with the biggest smiles to hide the pain.

At its very core, "First to Try" is an open letter to listeners to be vulnerable with your feelings, even if it's drenched in anxiety, self-doubt, and unworthiness. It points out the humanity of us all and that everyone carries these feelings to some degree or another. As the band states: vulnerability is not weakness, but rather a source of strength and connection.

Ready to get vulnerable and maybe cry? Check out the music video here and stream the single here.

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