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An Emotional Ride with Jassin Gharib in Their Debut EP "so i guess that makes me the devil"

Jassin Gharib, of Limburg, Germany, brings us on quite the ride in their debut EP, with eclectic musical influences and candid storytelling. It’s a mixed bag, with pop-punk influences, numerous experimental vocal effects, and even a barbershop quartet piece. Yet, it all fits together in a cohesive set that leaves you thinking “Wow, let me listen to that again.”

Jassin has a background in metalcore and hardcore, and while they took a hiatus and made a come back in 2021 with the single “ANUPTA”. The Twitter DIY scene, predominantly composed of Black and POC artists, was a major inspiration and rejuvenated their passion for music. “…so i guess that makes me the devil” is, in part, a thank you to that DIY scene, and a milestone in their musical career.

And let’s not glaze over the fact that the title is a homage to The Office.

In four tracks, we see a painted picture of the complexities of human relationships—codependency and the emotional turmoil of toxic relationships, but we also see self-reflection and discovery. According to Jassin, “It’s about codependency and what happens to you when you realise (or not realise) the power you/the other person has in the relationship. And how you still can’t let go of each other despite knowing how miserable it makes everyone involved. It’s a shit-show but you love it.”

Track by Track


“i don’t have co-workers, i have undiagnosed adhd and a superiority complex”

This song immediately takes me back to my teen years. The track title reminds me of so many emo/pop-punk bands I listened to (hello, Brand New), and the energy in this song is spot on.

me and my loser friends we hang out in basements escaping reality invested in fictional characters

I see you, gamers.

But on a more serious note, this song delves into some key relationship concerns. We all have our shortcomings, but communication and effort are required, and we have to give back to the other person, too. You can watch the video here.

“with eyes wide shut and arms wide open”

This song feels very emotional from the beginning, and moves into vocals that scream of desperation. This only builds and becomes wilder, angry, even. It’s not difficult to feel how vicious this cycle of affection and heartbreak is. This song features pretty heavy vocal effects, which only amplifies the pain.

Couldn’t care less, can’t believe I was in love with you.

But it’s a struggle to not keep going back.

“manic pixie dream them”

Is this title perfect or what? It feels so mellow and fun and dreamy, but builds into something intense, introducing confusion and regret. This is, after all, about the toxic allure of falling for the wrong person, knowing where the road will lead. We also get a healthy dose of funk, and, once again, this track is perfectly titled.

There’s a static when you and I are in a room that’s so dramatic Nobody look, don’t make a move.

“we’re angels for sure, we just can’t stop telling lies”

There’s an overarching sadness to this one, as we see someone making the same mistakes, feeling lost. Yet, there’s recognition that this isn’t something to hold onto, and we end on what feels like a hopeful note. I’d like to think the relationship is ended and things can begin looking up. In a little over ten minutes, you’ll experience a lot of emotions, so buckle up.

And then listen again. 

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