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Yam Haus Was "Stupid & Famous" In Atlanta

On a beautiful Thursday evening, Yam Haus came to Vinyl ATL. Yam Haus (pronounced Yam like the vegetable and house) is an indie pop/alt rock band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band was joined by Sawyer, a musical duo out of Nashville, and a local band called Ryly. Vinyl ATL is part of The Loft and Center Stage in the heart of Atlanta. It's an intimate venue that is mostly standing room only. There's a cozy little couch area and a few high-top tables around the bar area.

Photo by Jennifer Mullins

The first band is called Ryly (pronounced Really). I was absolutely blown away by how talented this group is. The raw talent of the lead vocalist is what impressed me the most. The crowd was singing along, which gave me the impression they have a local following. They had boxes on the stage that, while took up a lot of space on a small stage, provided some great lighting and let everyone know the band's name.

Photo by Jennifer Mullins

The next band is indie pop duo Sawyer. The band's lighting worked well for the show and enhanced the feelings behind the music. These two are incredibly talented with heartfelt lyrics that reflect on their own personal experiences. The interaction with the crowd was great and I loved how they'd introduce several songs by telling a bit about the story behind them. Sawyer fit the tour well, and I left a big fan of this duo!

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

After two incredible opening bands, the crowd was ready to shake their booties to Yam Haus. This was a special show for lead vocalist Lars, as his dad and aunt where in attendance. The setlist include a mix of old and new songs that had everyone moving along. The band was so much fun to watch, and at one point towards the end, Lars came down into the crowd and started break dancing. For one song, the band members switched out instruments where the lead guitarist Zach played the drums and the drummer, Jake, played guitar. The energy and crowd interaction from Yam Haus kept everyone engaged from beginning to end.


Their tour isn't over yet as they gear up for part two starting on Thursday, October 26th. Click here for dates and to purchase tickets!

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

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