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Asking Alexandria Captivates Fans in Richmond, VA

If you were in Richmond, VA, Tuesday night, you were certain to hear The National roaring with excitement and adrenaline. This was because Asking Alexandria was performing masterfully with their friends that night on the “All My Friends” tour. Bringing along their friends in Nerv, The Word Alive, and Memphis May Fire, it was apparent that the talent presented that night was strong.

Photo of Asking Alexandria by Hannah Lujbli (Fire Rose Studios)
Asking Alexandria by Hannah Lujbli

Nerv started the night off by warming the crowd up, engaging with the fans. From jumping around the stage to getting the crowd to wave/clap their hands, it was obvious that the California-based band was loved by the crowd! In fact, when they went into their second to last song, “Low,” the fans erupted in excitement by jumping up and down and swinging their hands from side to side. 

The Word Alive was up next and when people express that they love The Word Alive, it was shown at The National! Lead singer, Telle Smith, got the crowd jumping up and down, swinging their hands,, and opening the pit up for some action. Telle even was leaning over the barricade to sing with fans. The energy from the set was lively and full of thrill to hear the songs. When the band played their song “New Reality,” Telle was able to easily get the crowd to split the pit, demonstrating his ability to control the crowd. All of the pent up energy exploded even more when the band played their song “One of Us”, and if you were in that venue on the 23rd, you would easily feel the room shake with adrenaline from the fans rocking out to the performance. 

Photo of The Word Alive by Hannah Lujbli (Fire Rose Studios)
The Word Alive by Hannah Lujbli

Memphis May Fire then entered the night with heavy sounds that made the fans rock the venue even more. Despite the sound cutting out at one point, the band continued on with the set by making jokes with the fans while it got fixed. Once it was back on though, the band jumped right back into where they were, with the crowd ready to receive the adrenaline filled songs. Song after song after song, the crowd absorbed every second of it and moved along to match the fast going beats. It was evident that the crowd was ready for Memphis!

Asking Alexandria closed out the night. There was something fascinating about their performance as lead singer, Danny Worsnop, held the crowd’s attention without having to jump around the stage. While performing, Danny would calmly and smoothly walk around the stage without over expelling his energy. Watching a seasoned professional hold the crowd’s attention, make the crowd jump up and down, create circle pits, and split the pit, without having to run around the stage, was captivating. It is moments like this one where the love for the band and their music is enough to genuinely motivate the crowd to express themselves. Amongst the funny band banter, reflections on times throughout the years, and evidence that the band still performs with immense talent, it was truly evident that the love the fans have for Asking Alexandria was bold and upfront Tuesday night in Richmond, VA.

All above photos of Asking Alexandria, Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, and Nerv were taken by Hannah Lujbli.


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