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Types of Music Styles Fans Would Like From Niall Horan’s New Album!

"mom pick me up im scared nialls making a single announcement next" - @curiouslyhoran commented on Niall's latest TikTok video

Niall Horan has some new music coming, and fans are wondering when these new tracks will be out and the type of music he will be venturing in.

A fan asked on his Instagram stories about "the sound of NH3 in a few words/emojis," to which he replied with "🤘🏻🥰👌🏻🥺🤔🥵." The fans have been theorizing about Niall’s new album. Will NH3 be a pop-rock album with a few ballads/love songs?

Niall has been teasing some snippets of instrumentals and vocals on TikTok, with fans getting pumped up and excited for the new album. @kemi_a_ commented on one of Niall's TikTok posts, "He's Taylor swifting us" to which another fan replied to the comment with "IK". @curiouslyhoran on TikTok posted a video saying that based off of the emojis, the album will be rock-influenced and about love. She also believes there will be at least one heartfelt ballad, and overall the album could be much happier than Niall's sophomore album "Heartbreak Weather". Overall, fans are getting good vibes from this string of emojis about his upcoming album.

Fans are theorizing that most of the new songs off of Niall’s third album will be ballads, since Niall’s past albums have included love songs. Some fans think that one of his songs will be a ‘Grapejuice’ by Harry Styles-type of tune, and other fans think that the album will include a few songs on the album from the pop-rock genre. The need for a rock-styled track from Niall has increased since he went solo & released his debut album, ‘Flicker.'

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