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Poppy and Bad Omens Perform "V.A.N." Live in Europe

Photo Credit: Bryan Kirks

With collabs with Bad Omens and Knocked Loose as well as a tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Poppy is taking the metal world by storm. A success in her own right with 5 studio albums and multiple awards, including a Grammy and Heavy Music Award, Poppy has proven throughout the years that she is a force to be reckoned with in any genre she tackles.

In January and February of 2024, Poppy joined Bad Omens for their European tour, performing their song "V.A.N." together. For those not able to attend, Bad Omens live streamed Germany nights 1 & 2 on Veeps (view live streams here) as well as a recorded video of the live performance (shout out to Bryan Kirks, Garret Nicholson, and Matt Dierkes for putting this together for the fans!). Scroll below to view the video on YouTube! The song is currently sitting at #21 on the Mediabase Active Rock Charts (as of May 3, 2024).

As the live video opens, you can hear the crowd singing along as Poppy takes the stage alone. One by one, Bad Omens takes the stage as the instrumental parts of the song start. In the background, Noah can be seen sitting on the drum platform singing an echoing part. During the set, Noah jumps down, performing guttural growls and backup vocals throughout. Towards the end of the video, Noah and Poppy do a little dance together that shows just how well they work together with this song. If you are one of the lucky ones to see this live, just know the rest of us are incredibly jealous, but we will take the video as consolation!

In addition, Poppy, along with Garrett Nicholson, produced the official "V.A.N." music video. It features Poppy playing Patient V.A.N. being experimented on in a medical facility. Using imagery such as a moth, a rabbit, and a box, the video perfectly encapsulates the message in the song: we're letting AI and, as some speculate, social media take over our lives. Noah makes an appearance towards the end in a symbolic role of breaking free of the hold it has on us. It's truly a work of art that everyone should check out!

Poppy is currently scheduled to appear at Louder Than Life and Aftershock as well as tour with Thirty Second to Mars late July to early September. Tickets to all these shows can be purchased here.

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