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Celebrating The Women of Facci PR!

It’s not a surprise that we live in a society that still primarily values women on their attractiveness, not intelligence or skill. And because of this, tons of women never even get the same opportunities that men do. While there’s certainly a handful of successful, trailblazing women who have moved mountains, it’s impossible to deny that the provided road maps for aspiring artists are primarily men. Lack of representation continues to contribute to the lack of successors. 

That’s why I’m incredibly grateful for people like Sarah Facciolo, the CEO and founder of Facci PR. I’ve conversed with Sarah for the past couple of weeks and she introduced me to a whole bunch of new and amazing artists. To close out Women’s History Month, I’ll be highlighting some of the amazing talent Sarah represents. 

A horizontal photo of singer Elle Baez posing.
Photo by @zacharyolewnicki

Dominican-American singer-songwriter Elle Baez is best known for her authentic and relatable music. Elle is the epitome of body positivity–she makes music that is empowering, real, and admirable. Her song, “I Love My Body” has gone viral with over 2.5 million views on social media and is a representation of women who have been craving to see themselves in the spotlight. At its core, her music is an affirmation to love yourself wholeheartedly. 

In 2023, Elle was named Entertainer of The Year at the Full Figured Industry Awards and opened for Bea Miller and Leah Kate on their respective tours. Elle has been featured in Pop Sugar Magazine, NPR, and even went on a Victoria's Secret Pink Sponsored Tour

Elle works with plus-size-focused designers and constantly gives appreciation to collaborations. She loves the color pink and embodies her femininity proudly. Her ethos is simple: be you, be sexy, and above all, be confident! 

Photo by @liahansenphoto

Maisy Kay is a rising singer-songwriter with a bold and fascinating voice. Originally from England, Maisy moved to America when she was offered a record deal in Los Angeles. Her music is a blend of nostalgic dance and modern pop, magnified through her lyrics and overall inspiration behind every track. 

One of her highest accomplishments was a collaboration with a gaming music creator on a song called “The Storm,” which includes Maisy singing in the fictional language from Avatar. She’s also collaborated with Tiesto, Timbaland, and Lukas “LULOU” Loules. With a powerful love of fantasy and whimsy, Maisy has incorporated this passion into her music. 

She loves butterflies and the transformation and rebirth that they represent. Often, Maisy can be seen using butterflies to symbolize her upcoming work. “My metamorphosis began last fall…and I’m coming into full bloom in 2024,” she writes on Instagram. 

Photo by Ashley Osborn

Touching on both the light and dark of life’s experiences, singer-songwriter MARIS embraces the weirdness that surrounds her. Her music is a reflection of the liveliness her exudes and her own radiant optimism brings the same out in anyone who is in her presence. 

Every song MARIS writes is more than just a song, it’s a story. Weaved through each instrumental is a compelling narrative, often accompanied by visuals and choreography to further enhance it. When making music, MARIS takes inspiration from modern pop but makes sure to throw in all kinds of different genres and styles to create something unique. 

MARIS and her music have a riveting aura that ensures all in attendance, whether physically at a concert or at home listening, are in a safe place to be their happiest, truest selves. Her newest singles "Hot Guitar Player" and "GOING YET!" are out now!

Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, VALÈ is making waves in bringing non-English music to mainstream audiences. She’s fluent in both English and Spanish and often incorporates both languages into her music. Being only 20, VALÈ has a charming and funny personality that makes her come across as relatable and a little quirky. 

Her social media consists of outfit checks, soft covers of her favorite songs, and, in her own words, videos of her being “just a girl.” Music seems to truly be a passion for VALÈ as she can often be seen with an acoustic guitar or making music with her friends. 

Her latest release, “the homesick song,” is a reflection on missing her home, presumably Colombia, and her family. She moved to Los Angeles at a young age to pursue her music career and VALÈ seamlessly transitions English and Spanish together to represent both sides of her life. “[The song is] an homage to change, to feeling lonely, to being young, to getting older, to my family,” VALÈ says. 

In 2016, Alisan Porter was a contestant on The Voice and sang a cover of “Blue Bayou.” After hearing her amazing talent, all four coaches turned in their chairs but Alison could only choose one of them–Christina Aguilera. She ended up winning the 10th season and making The Voice history as the first artist to win the show with a female coach. 

Alisan started as a child movie star and acted in movies like Parenthood, Stella, and I Love You to Death, although her biggest role was probably playing the lead in Curly Sue opposite Jim Belushi. 

Creative talent runs in the Porter family–her grandmother ran the Charlotte Klein Dance Center, her father was the co-founder, lead singer, and songwriter of the band Zonkaraz, and her mother was also a dance teacher. It wasn’t a surprise that Alisan inherited this gene! 

Alisan continued acting throughout high school and joined musical theater before moving to New York and joining the Broadway scene. In the early 2000s, Alison joined a band called The Raz and later created a new band called The Alison Porter Project. Recently, Alisan took a big break from making music and recently got back into the swing of things with her January release of “See In The Dark,” a beautiful, folky love song.

Happy Women's Month!

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