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too fast by sunsetto

sunsetto has been on fire this year with the release of his multiple singles. "too fast" is another example of his hard work throughout 2022! We love "on the side," and we can't wait to tell your everything about sunsetto's new track!


"too fast" will be replaying in our heads for a long time! The lyrics represent an idea that sunsetto has been playing with: We want to have a good time with someone, and we don't want to overthink what might happen in the future. We just want to fully enjoy our moment with them, and go at their speed, even if it's too fast.

Besides the great beat from this track, we love the first verse of the song, as it matches the speed that's desired in the message of the single. We also love the pre-chorus and the changes in sunsetto's voice throughout the song! We like when artists spice up their songs by playing with their tones and sounds, and sunsetto has done that perfectly in "too fast."

The single has been released with a visualizer that shows different angles that match the vibe. Those risky feelings of speed and danger in the song come alive thanks to the visuals of sunsetto being in a car or him being surrounded by strobing lights. A nice visual for a fun single! We need to hear this track on our partying nights soon!

Be sure to check out and share "too fast" for a good time!

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