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on the side (ft. Calabasas) by sunsetto

It's Friday, which means that we're getting ready to go out tonight, or we decide to chill with our favorite tunes on repeat. How can someone create a song for both situations? sunsetto and Calabasas know how to answer this question through their latest track "on the side!" Let's get into the behind-the-scenes process and our favorite bits from it!


sunsetto and Calabasas (LA-based production duo that has previously partnered with artists like Kanye West) decided to get together to create a creative combination of electronic and R&B. "on the side" came about in only two hours, but it will be on repeat for days on end!

The song is an amazing vibe and it can be the soundtrack of many of your daily moments. We envision this song to play in the background while deciding what to wear to the club, or whether we conclude on vibing late at night with just music to chill for a bit. Although these situations are complete opposites, "on the side" fits perfectly with both!

The lyrics are associated with love and possession, as sunsetto matches these feelings with the "start of a relationship." Nothing is set in stone yet, but you do not want to say goodbye to that potential romantic future. We love when songs can put into words some of the romantic situations that are happening nowadays, especially with the number of people we can meet.

sunsetto has recently discovered his Mi’kmaq (indigenous) roots, and he is now aiming to support indigenous creators thanks to his growing platform. He will also share his debut EP later this year! Until then, we will keep vibing to "on the side" and his amazing discography.

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