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KEYSE Refuses to "Testify" on New Single

Cover Art by Grant Garner via Spotify, Photo by @cynforia on Instagram

Alternative pop-rock singer, and North Carolina native, Madeline Keyse (under the moniker KEYSE) is back with another pop-punk banger in “Testify,” following up March’s release of the poignant and empowering “Flesh and Blood”. Both singles come ahead of the release of her debut album, produced in collaboration with The Plot in You’s Landon Tewers, due out later this year. 

“Testify” instantly kicks things into high gear with some extremely punchy drum riffs and equally headbang-worthy guitar work, while featuring some major thought-provoking lyrics regarding societal expectations and how social media has exacerbated issues in how we perceive one another. Standout lyrical moments include, “And I despise being defined by if I’m easy on the eyes,” something that is scathingly and painfully relatable for many a female-presenting person, and the hard-hitting chorus line, “I’ll spend the rest of my life emulating people that I don’t even fucking like, and losing sleep at night,” about struggles to find one’s self identity. 

Speaking about the song in its press release, KEYSE notes:

"Testify" fiercely tackles feelings of nihilism, stemming from existing though the worldly stressers of aging, social media, addiction, and beauty standards, and sheds light on the conversation about technological and societal advancement taking a toll on mental health in an upbeat, but brutally honest format. The song is a personal recant of the values that society upholds and demands the attention of the listener through its candid lyrics and tongue-in-cheek nature.”

I would recommend KEYSE and “Testify” for fans of artists such as Taylor Acorn, Kami Kehoe, and Cassadee Pope, or for anyone just looking for some new, catchy-as-fuck alt-pop/rock. Her vocals are gorgeous, and her lyrics are extremely relatable and heartfelt, contrasted wonderfully with headbang-worthy yet dance-able instrumentals.

"Testify" is out now on all major streaming services.


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