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AleXa Refuses to be "Distracted" on New Single

Korean-American pop artist AleXa is back with another infectiously catchy track set to take the summer by storm. The latest in a string of fully English-language singles, “distraction” is an empowering anthem for anyone who may be feeling unsatisfied in a current relationship. On the track, AleXa makes it known that she won’t settle for being with someone who doesn’t treat her the same, and she wants her listeners to value themselves in the same way.

"distraction" single art
“I wanted to create a song that speaks to anyone who has ever felt undervalued in a relationship. ‘Distraction’ is about recognizing your worth and not allowing yourself to be anyone’s second choice. It’s a reminder to everyone that love is a two-way street, and you deserve someone who respects and cherishes you.”

Much like her other recent singles, “sick” and “i’m okay,” “distraction” is an absolute emo-tinged pop bop that is just begging to be belted out while hanging out with friends. While these recent singles mark a sonic departure from the electro-pop sound of her earlier material, they allow a new, more vulnerable side of AleXa to emerge and resonate with listeners. Her energy and vocal performance continue to shine, further proving that her 2022 American Song Contest title was well-deserved as she continues to make a name for herself within and expanding beyond the K-Pop industry that she first entered into in 2019. 

“Distraction” is streaming now, and stay tuned to AleXa’s social media channels to see what else she has in store!

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