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#42 - The Moss

Our featured artist this week is The Moss!

Courtesy of Nate Edward (@abdnphoto)

There's something about this band that gets our hearts racing every time we listen to their music. If you're a fellow pop-indie lover, you will definitely love this Salt Lake City group!

The Moss is composed of four members: Tyke James (lead vocals/guitar), Addison Sharp (guitar), Caiden Jackson (bass), and Willie Fowler (drums). The band released Bryology, their debut album, back in 2019, and they've released multiple projects that we are obsessed with, such as their album Kentucky Derby and Insomnia EP, which include our favorite tracks from the group!

We recommend you check out their music videos, including the video for "Blink." The Moss takes great care of their visual storytelling, and we got chills watching this video!

If you want to enjoy a summer full of The Moss, the band will be starting their spring tour from May 18th until May 24th! They will also be going across the US on their June tour and performing in Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits! Get your tickets and follow them on their socials here!

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