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Thru It All Discusses Their Formation, "elevator", Future Plans, And More!

Thru It All is a new alt-rock band breaking onto the scene based out of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The band is made up of longtime friends Nick Jordan on vocals and Daniel Dew on vocals and guitar, with the recent addition of Andrew Lindroth on drums. The band talked about their formation, their new single "elevator," and future plans for their music before their show at Maxine's Live in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Saturday, August 19th.

Courtesy of @thruitallok on Instagram

How did you all meet?

Daniel: Well, I've known this guy (Nick) since kindergarten, so I've known him my whole life. I knew of this guy (Andrew) in high school. He was an up-and-coming drummer, and I met him for the first time eight months ago. I love them both dearly.

Nick: Andrew's the newest addition, but completed the band.

You all started releasing music on Spotify in 2021. What inspired you to pursue music?

Nick: Ok so, we've all been making music for a lot longer than that. We've known each other for a lot longer than that. The history of everything we've done as artists and stuff goes way deeper than that, but during the pandemic and all that stuff when I was living in LA, I moved back home to Oklahoma and linked back up with my best friends. Like Daniel said, we've known each other forever, and so we linked back up, and just naturally, we started making music. We weren't really thinking about what we were going to do with it yet, and then Thru It All was formed. I was drumming and singing, and it was way too much, so we got Andrew on drums and then it just played into the whole band.

How would you describe the type of music you make?

Andrew: Everything. Picture everything into one. So, it's a lot of alt-rock. Like, we tell people, I guess that's the big umbrella that we fall under. You hear hip hop. You hear rap verses. We have all sorts of stuff. Rock, punk, pop punk. It doesn't matter, if you listen to it, you're going to hear a bunch of different influences. I think that that's what separates us from a lot of different bands because we're not afraid to do that. Like, a lot of bands are scared to go out of their little shell or genre.

Nick via Sarah Rosin

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Daniel: I love that. I'm just gonna say like Blink-182, Green Day, Rage Against the Machine, Outkast. We love a lot of hip hop, too. It speaks to the era, I think, that we grew up in, which would be the 90s and 2000s.

Nick: Linkin Park was our "white boy from Oklahoma" introduction to hip hop. They did the record with Jay-Z, and we're like, "What is this?!" And we fell in love with that entire genre, and then we started listening to Outkast, and then we started listening to, like, branching into all these deeper roots of hip hop. Yeah so, we love all that stuff.

Who are some musicians you’d love to work with, dead or alive?

Nick: Rappers. I want to get some rappers. I want to get a Cudi verse on a song.

Andrew: Mac Miller would be sick. He was very creative in all aspects of music, so that would be really cool.

Nick: Yeah, mostly rappers. I feel like we got the band stuff on lock. I feel like it would just be cool to add like a little flavor. But yeah, maybe like David Bowie.

You all have been using social media as a major outreach tool for your band. What are some of the pros and cons of using social media as a way to promote your music?

Andrew: There's a lot. This is kind of for Nick, but, I mean, obviously social media helps a lot. The targeted advertisement thing is huge. We talked about this with somebody earlier where back in the day it probably would've been harder when you put money into the, just, general advertising and getting it out to the public. It's a much more targeted audience now. But this guy right here (Nick) makes the whole world turn with our social media. I mean, if it wasn't for Nick, we would not be shit.

Nick: I think the worst part of social media is it's a constant voice in your head now. "Don't forget, you have to post 14 times today on all 17 of your accounts." It's crazy.

Andrew: Well, and it's gotta be quality content because if it's not, then people don't care; you get lost in the algorithm. You hear that word a lot. So, he does a very good job. That's all Nick.

Andrew: And then the personal members too. You gotta keep up with that.

Nick: It's this weird pressure because you feel like you need to do it and you know it's gonna benefit you, but then you see bands not doing it, and they're still doing fine.

Andrew: At a high level too. It's weird.

Nick: It's a pressure that I'm like, "I don't know."

Andrew: It's a double-edged sword.

Nick: It is.

Daniel via Sarah Rosin

What are some accomplishments you’d want to see as a band in the next five years and the direction you’d like to take your music?

Daniel: I'd love for us to get a sick opening slot on some big band's tour.

Nick: Arena tour.

Daniel: Yeah, arena tour. Hey, Blink-182. Hey, Turnstile. What's up? I think that would just be great for us. You know, we produce all of our own music, and that's been really fun. It would be cool to work with like Neal Avron or somebody like that. But, yeah, I think five years down the road from now, you know, we could be signed and going on some major tours of our own.

You all just released a new song yesterday. Can you talk a little bit about the song, what it means and what went into creating it?

Nick: Yeah, the new single is called "elevator." I think we successfully did what we're trying to do musically by blending the rap verse in there. It's got a little bit of a like hardcore-influence breakdown like a lot of our songs have, but it's still just like a rock song. It's got catchy melodies. Like, we definitely nailed it lyrically. Lyrically, it's some of my favorite verses.

Andrew: Tell them where and how we recorded it.

Nick: We rented a cabin out in the middle of Oklahoma on the river and we stayed there for three days. We did our song "halfway anywhere" and we did "elevator" in one session. We recorded everything in this cabin. And yeah, "elevator's" just about the ups and downs of life and how things could be really, really great, and feel awesome and feel amazing and then you get, you know, humbled or you gotta play a shitty show, or you go through something that brings you back down. And it's just the rollercoaster of life. So the ups and downs of life is, just... "elevator's" a metaphor for that. Pretty simple metaphor. Straight forward.

This past spring, you all started expanding shows outside your home state of Oklahoma to some of the surrounding states, like Arkansas, for example. Do you have any upcoming plans or goals to play more shows in a larger radius?

Andrew: Yeah, I mean, we have a full tour scheduled kind of out because we're doing kind of a lot of weekend stuff, so obviously being in Oklahoma, we're pretty privileged that we get to hit all the surrounding areas. I feel like when you're in a touring band, kind of up-and-coming, you have to focus on the smaller areas near you before you just go to, like, let's say, Florida or New York. You know, we want to do East Coast. We were talking about that earlier, but while we do plan on doing stuff like that, even this year or early next year, it's better that we put a lot of our time and focus in the Arkansas, Oklahomas, Texas, Missouris.

Daniel: Working our regional market.

Andrew: Yeah, I mean, that's how you're supposed to do it. I think that's the right way to do it, but we'll be everywhere.

Nick: But we do have Colorado and New Mexico on the books already this year. Like in a couple months.

Andrew: Late October. While we don't go there often, it's worth it.

Andrew via Sarah Rosin

Last question, this one is for our viewers to get a feel for your personalities. For this one, I want you to share one of your last five google searches.

Andrew: I have nothing but fight stuff on my phone. So, that's it. Fight stuff, UFC. Mostly stuff like that. Yeah, I'm pretty boring.

Nick: I've got "Janis Joplin interview," "Philip Solo," who's a YouTuber that I like, "Theo Von," "Thru It All," "Turnstile live," and "them skates," which is... I'm a roller bladder, so "them skates" is a brand that I love. Oh and "GEL hardcore." I really like GEL right now. They're a dope band.

Daniel: Alright, "Jones Soda," "pizza near me," "Blue Beetle" (shoutout to DC because I'm a big comic book nerd). I got "Al Capone's secret room" because we're in Hot Springs. We're trying to find it. And then, I've got "the band Cannons" because I like the band Cannons.

Nick: Daniel's win, bro.

Andrew: Daniel's got all sorts of stuff he's been looking up on his phone.

Thru It All's fun and hard-working personalities contribute to the quality of their songs and stage presence. The band has released nine songs in 2023 alone with more exciting things to come. You can catch them at a few regional shows in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas, and you won't want to miss out.

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