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The Grandiose Beginning Of The Scarlet Opera

Courtesy of 1824°

There's a special energy in the room when you're surrounded by true, amazing performers that are full of excitement for their next steps in the music industry. We felt that energy with The Scarlet Opera. This quintet is ready to transport you to another dimension with their new EP, "Comedy."

The members of The Scarlet Opera have been working together for seven years, and they got signed right before the COVID pandemic broke out, making them move to virtual ways to create music. Although this was extremely discouraging for them, the pandemic allowed them to grow as songwriters and to open more doors for their future ahead. The band relates these feelings to "Alive," one of the songs included in "Comedy." The song has become "a love song to the band," as it reflects on their growth and the family dynamic they have developed over the years they've been together.

The band also mentioned they've changed the way they feel about social media, as they've seen the potential of sharing their work while also being comfortable through different platforms: "We have these songs ready for the public. Let's go be ourselves and just share videos of ourselves with the music."

"Comedy" was brewed rapidly. The Scarlet Opera transitioned to work with a producer for the first time, allowing them to have a faster, more focused structure to create these songs. Frontman Luka Bazulka mentioned that "it really challenged them to make bold choices and make some of their best work." There's no denial in that. The EP is absolutely magnificent, with its energy levels turned up to the max so that the listener can dance along with the band.

Every comedy has a dark side, and The Scarlet Opera points out that, even though their instrumentals are upbeat, some lyrics are more hopeless and tell their perspective of being struggling artists in Los Angeles, just like in "Big City Thing:" "I met an old queen with a fake Gucci bag, she said, "look at you kid, girl, I had what you had, you better get shit done so you never look back.""

Nonetheless, "Comedy" is a hell of a show. The marvelous quintet continuously had their live presence in mind while creating the EP, and they are ready to make fans have an unforgettable experience through their West Coast tour this spring. The band can't wait to perform "Riot" as their opening song to start their signature electric tone and "Alive" as their epic finale. The band says that fans should "expect the unexpected," as they will "make their venues feel like a stadium."

The Scarlet Opera will bring you the performance of a lifetime, just like we can see in their "Alive" performance on James Corden. The desire of embodying fine art through this performance will leave you speechless every time.

As we bring down the curtain on this exploration of this incredible group, we thank them for creating such an amazing body of work! If you want to see them on tour this April and check out their social media platforms, click here!

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