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The Day I Met You by Matilda Mann

Photo credit: Whiteboard PR

Matilda Mann, a singer-songwriter based in London, has made 'The Day I Met You,' and it is a perfect song for the month of love. Matilda is a rising UK artist who has opened for an indie-folk trio called The Staves.

She has stated that the inspiration behind the song comes from the idea of how there are days when it "feels more like a constant than temporary. But then you meet someone, and the hand life dealt you, suddenly doesn’t feel so bad…” The song '"The Day I Met You" is more of a ballad-like tune compared to her other songs like "Paper Mache World" from her EP "Because I Wanted You To Know," where the song is more of an upbeat and indie-pop tune, and it is similar to her single "February" where the song is more of a ballad tune rather than being a tune that has a hint of an indie-pop vibe.

Matilda has an upcoming headlining show at The Jazz Café in Camden, London (UK) on Thursday, May 18, and the venue can hold up to 500 people.

You can check out Matilda Mann's work and music on her website!

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