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Taylor Acorn Brings Her First Headline Tour Home to Nashville

Taylor Acorn, Photo by Sarah Rosin

Taylor Acorn checked a monumental item off her bucket list on November 17th, closing out her first ever headlining tour. The emo/pop rock performer sang her heart out at The East Room in Nashville for a sold out performance, and she did not disappoint.

People R Ugly, Photo by Sarah Rosin

People R Ugly started off the night bringing the silly vibes with their Nickelodeon cover of the iCarly theme song and parody version of "1, 2, 3, 4" by the Plain White T's (you'll have to look it up-it's hilarious). At one point in their performance, they had Taylor Acorn's drummer join them on stage and take over the drums, so that the drummer for People R Ugly could jump to center stage for a harmonica feature. This run with Taylor's team was the band's first touring experience, and they were extremely grateful to Taylor's crew for showing them the ropes of touring.

Taylor Acorn, Photo by Sarah Rosin

Once People R Ugly finished up their goofy set, it was time for Taylor to take the stage. Taylor immediately brought a surge of energy into the room, not only with her presence, but with the way she bounced around the stage and flipped her hair. Her pure joy was truly contagious. During one of the breaks between songs, she explained to the crowd that she came down with "the touring plague," but you'd never know it by the way she was still able to belt out the notes to her songs despite the illness.

Taylor Acorn, Photo by Sarah Rosin

Taylor's journey in music began in the country scene, but she made the switch to her "emo side" in 2021. Just before she made that switch, she wrote the country song, "Somebody Else" that she never had the opportunity to perform live due to the pandemic, so she seized the opportunity to perform it on this tour.

Taylor Acorn Band, Photo by Sarah Rosin

The Fall Tour was in celebration of the new EP, Certified Depressant, which was played in full on this tour. But, Taylor's band has a tradition of playing "Jamie All Over" by Mayday Parade. Taylor recorded this cover at the precipice of her transition to pop rock to pay tribute to the band that got her through a lot of tough times. And, as she sang the song, every fan in the room sang along with her.

Taylor Acorn, Photo by Sarah Rosin

The show in Nashville was an intimate one, playing at The East Room, a venue with a 250 person capacity, but it was very fitting for the relationship that Taylor has with her fans. Taylor has been open about her relationships with her fans being very meaningful to her. She even wrote the song "Everything Sucks" as a love letter to the people in her life that have been with her through the toughest times, including her fans. During her performance she shared with the crowd, "Just know, if I'm helping you, you're helping me just as much."

Taylor Acorn and Cassadee Pope, Photo by Sarah Rosin

The Nashville show was special in more ways that one, not only in the intimate nature of the performance, but Nashville also got a special treat with Taylor bringing up Cassadee Pope to the stage. Together, they performed their collaboration on "Coma," and hearing two powerhouse vocalists live together on the same

Taylor Acorn, Photo by Sarah Rosin

song is just as insane as it sounds (in the best way).

Taylor's first headline tour was certainly one to remember. During her performance, she shared, "Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I'd be doing my own headline tour." The singer has talked about how she almost gave up music altogether. Making the jump from country to emo was exactly what not only her career needed but what she needed as well. She talked about how terrifying it was to make the switch in her music career. Through tears, she spoke to the crowd, saying, "You never know if anyone's gonna care. And, it's really cool to know you guys fucking care."

Taylor Acorn, Photo by Sarah Rosin

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