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"Strangers" by Enter Shikari and AViVA

Photo of Enter Shikari by Paul Harries

British band Enter Shikari teams up with the multi-disciplinary Australian artist AViVA for an iconic collaboration in their latest single, "Strangers." Enter Shikari's resurgence in recent years has had fans buzzing with their creativity, and this song with AViVA is no exception. Rou Reynolds, the lead vocalist and producer for the UK trailblazers, describes the experience working with AViVA by saying, "AViVA has such a great voice (I can still hear her operatic warm ups, echoing around the backstage rooms!), so it was a pleasure to sing with her on the track. Rob [Rory] (drummer) and I got to visit her at home on the beautiful coast of New South Wales and work together on what would become "Strangers," the story of newly found freedom from a suffocating relationship." And the song is just that with lyrics that say, "You breathe me in. I breathe you out. Yeah, you're cascading down my veins." That line in the chorus itself is enough to give you chills down your spine, but the band is able to simulate an entire shiver through the entirety of the drums, keyboard, guitar, bass, and vocals, along with AViVA's chilling vocals and powerful lyrics.

AViVA also shares some insight on the collaboration, saying, "Teaming up with Enter Shikari for this project has been an incredible experience. After touring with them in 2022, we thought it would be fun to work on a song together and "Strangers" just seemed perfect. We all share a deep passion for music, and together, we've crafted something truly special that I believe our fans will love. The song has been worked on across multiple countries, and time zones, and we were even lucky enough to do the vocal recording together at my home studio. The song continues to explore a concept I see as a throughline in much of my artistic work. The loss of connection, and isolation that follow. The line "we're just strangers now" really sums it up, but I think people will really connect with the rawness of this song, be it the loss of a romantic relationship or losing a friend, that pain often lingers with us for a long time."

The chilling anthem comes just in time for some exciting announcements from Enter Shikari. The band has persevered in order to create the level of music they've been putting out, and their passion translates into a world tour as well as the most extensive UK arena tour they've ever had. Their successes continue piling up as they've been announced on the lineup for Welcome to Rockville on May 12, 2023 at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL. Tickets to their future performances can be found here. Hop on the bandwagon now because Enter Shikari is a band that is bound for greatness.

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