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Rubblebucket Stuns New Jersey

Home to band member Alex Toth, New Jersey welcomed Rubblebucket this Wednesday at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. The group was supported by Southern Californian jazzy-pop artist Dante Elephante–a perfect fit for Rubblebucket’s fall tour. The crowd quickly came alive with singing and dancing as Dante Elephante set the tone for the night.

Rubblebucket is known for their theatrical performances, and they certainly didn’t disappoint on Wednesday. Their presentation went beyond sound, incorporating whimsical outfits, playful accessories, and even props like a bare picture frame. The concert was reminiscent of a Broadway musical infused with the funkiness of psychedelic pop.

Rubblebucket by Holly Van Ness

Rubblebucket by Holly Van Ness

Each member of Rubblebucket showcased their versatile talent, often switching between different instruments like it was nothing. Front person Annakalmia Traver was the primary vocalist but often stepped away from the microphone to deliver awesome saxophone solos.

As Rubblebucket performed, the energy in the venue only got more vibrant. Both artists made time to interact with their fans by talking to them, answering questions, and even jumping off stage. Dante Elephante cleared a circle in the crowd to show off his powerful vocals while Rubblebucket did the same with their brass instruments, creating an intimate connection with their supporters.

Rubblebucket and Dante Elephante proved to be incredible performers, demonstrating a strong understanding of what truly makes a concert engaging and fun. They embrace their individual quirkiness with confidence and their music transcends boundaries, breaking down the normative expectations within the music industry.

Photos of Rubblebucket & Dante Elephante are by Holly Van Ness


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