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REAL SUPER DARK by Waterparks

Photo by Jawn Rocha

After months of teasers, singles, and a tour announcement, Waterparks has finally announced the release date for their 5th studio album, "Intellectual Property," along with the release of "REAL SUPER DARK." After releasing the song on January 26th, they also announced the album's release date, posting the tracklist along with the date: April 14th. This song had already been heard in full prior to its official release (it was on Waterparks’ setlist while they were on tour with My Chemical Romance). However, there was no official studio version until its release.

“REAL SUPER DARK” is the heaviest single to be released off of "Intellectual Property" so far. It has more emo, pop-rock elements than any other singles, which fit more in a indie-pop style. This style brings Waterparks back into a similar style like their early EPs, such as "Cluster" or "Blacklight." However, this may be the trio’s hardest song yet. In addition to the instrumental being heavier, Awsten introduces growled and grit-filled vocals. Some of them get close to screamed vocals, something that has never been done before on a studio-released Waterparks song. The only other time Awsten has done vocals with this much grit and aggression was on a demo album released in 2020, on the track “Lemonade.” This gives us a glimpse into what could be Waterparks’ heaviest album so far if there are more songs similar to “REAL SUPER DARK” on "Intellectual Property."

To keep up with Waterparks, you can follow them on their Instagram and Twitter! Below is the official visualizer for “REAL SUPER DARK,” which includes clips the band had posted to social media before the release as teasers.

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