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Rain City Drive’s Latest Single Will Be "Frozen," Stuck In My Mind

Photo Art Courtesy Of Thriller Records/Ashley Mae

Two years after the release of their self-titled album, Rain City Drive released their new song, “Frozen.” Not only do we get a new song, but we also get an amazing video to go along with it! The video is a compilation of the band performing the song live throughout their latest tour and compliments the song perfectly. In the first week, the video has garnered 24K views and has since passed the 100K mark. The song has been featured on Hard Drive Radio, as well as SiriusXM Octane. Be sure to keep scrolling to see the music video!

The song starts out with the classic guitar sound Rain City Drive (RCD) is known for. Each verse has a subtle, thumping drum sound that feels like a heartbeat. It doesn’t overpower the lyrics, but it's enough to get your own heart thumping. This can also be found in the bridge, where there’s an echoing emotions' lyric that brings out the complex, emotional drive of the lyrics. The vocal range of lead vocalist Matt McAndrew is exceptional, and fans can see the growth of not only him, but the band as a whole from their Slaves days.

While Rain City Drive was their latest full album, the band did release a deluxe version over the summer that added six reimagined songs. Hearing “Frozen” now, it’s a blend of the classic RCD fans have come to love while adding in bits and pieces of those reimagined songs. Lyrically, the song follows the pattern of featuring songs about past failed relationships. The pre-chorus “Staring at the screen when I should be asleep // I thought I let you go, let me suffer in peace” pulls out the sentiment behind the song that you thought you got over that person, but somehow you find yourself checking for any bits you can get of them. Like the chorus says, you are frozen emotionally and you just can’t get over that person; they’re stuck in your mind.

This song has me excited for the next chapter of Rain City Drive and for me, this song will be stuck in my mind while I (im)patiently wait for more!

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