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Poppy Breaks Down the Sound Barrier with Electric New Single "New Way Out"

"New Way Out" Cover Art

Hot off her monumental collaborations with Knocked Loose and Bad Omens, GRAMMY-nominated singer, songwriter, subversive performance artist, video director, and purveyor of surrealist chaos, Poppy, is breaking down the sound barrier with electric new single New Way Out.”

Released via Sumerian Records, “New Way Out” is the artist’s first solo release since 2023’s “Zig.” Working with former Bring Me The Horizon member Jordan Fish, along with Stephen Harrison from House Of Protection, Poppy proves yet again that she’s a force to be reckoned with. 

“New Way Out” feels like the musical equivalent of having cold water thrown in your face. It immediately wakes you up and makes you feel more alive. Alternating between ethereal, clean singing and energetic screams, the single alters your brain chemistry as soon as you hit “Play.” Equal parts catchy and emotional, “New Way Out” is the type of song that will get stuck in your head…and you won’t want it to leave.

The message behind the single is as powerful as the music itself. The chorus highlights this message—one of self-growth, learning how to pull yourself back from the edge, of what it takes to be the one who defines your life for yourself without restriction. Poppy sings, “‘Cause they push to pull me down, and I’m forced to face who I’ve become, the silence screams so loud, I caught myself before the bottom…I need a new way, give me a new way out.”

Poppy may have been looking for a new way out when she wrote this song, but in releasing it to the world and allowing others to pull themselves back from the edge with each listen, she’s actually doing something even more significant; she’s learning how to find a new way in. 

Listen to Poppy’s soaring anthem, "New Way Out," on all streaming platforms here.  

Catch Poppy on tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars. Tickets can be found here.  

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