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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Our featured artist this week is CRØWNZ!

via Jordan Beaujour

CRØWNZ is an alt-pop band from Tampa, FL. The band members Karly Johnson (vocalist), Bryce Berringer (guitarist), and Christian Tomlin (drummer) are on their way to reinventing the genre of alternative pop as we know it. Their dream of making and performing music full-time has come true for the Floridian band, and they will make a great addition to your playlists!

The band finds inspiration to write about growing up and adulthood, including love, happiness, and pain. The group released their latest single, “YØU,” on August 26th. With the incredible production from this latest track, it’s safe to say that we will have CRØWNZ on repeat for a long time! “YØU” is the first single from their next EP, allowing fans to enjoy CRØWNZ sound and growth. As the band has mentioned in their radio interviews this past week, the EP will contain six tracks, and it will be released sooner than you’d think!

CRØWNZ’s live performances accompany their unique style with impeccable energy and light displays that leave you amazed! Their next performance will be at Caddy’s Treasure Island in Indian Shores, FL on September 2nd at 5 pm. Nothing better than a great live performance to start this month in the best way possible! They will also have a ton of new music and performances throughout the year, so make sure to go to their website to find out about their aesthetic and which show will make its way onto your schedule.

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