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MICKY JAMES releases "James Brown"

MICKY JAMES, born and raised in the shadows of Philly and New York, explores sounds and aesthetics (through his personal music style) that are nostalgic for what he calls a "bygone era in rock-n-roll music" while maintaining an ambition of the contemporary pop genre. His unique vocals are similar to artists like David Bowie, suggesting that the "dark, mysterious, and romantic qualities" are so distinct to Bowie's. Over the past couple of years (and during the pre-pandemic), he has supported acts like The Struts and performed at festivals such as Firefly Music Festival.

Credits to: Ben Scofield (from 'James Brown' Music Video)

This song is one of the many singles in his upcoming EP, which is expected to be released later this summer. It follows his single "New York Minute." MICKY stated that "James Brown" is a song for the people that may feel less represented: "It’s a song to inspire those who want to live their lives as loudly and authentically as they choose; the message of unapologetic self-love and self-expression." When comparing this song to "New York Minute," "James Brown" has an 80's rock-n-roll-meets-contemporary pop genre and brings out the mysterious and romantic vibe to the song, whereas "New York Minute" has a contemporary pop-meets-indie pop genre and critics say that the single is a "gleeful, electric track" that brings out the nostalgia feeling of walking around New York and takes on a few different life forms (conceptually).

Check out Micky James' socials (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram) & his discography here!

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