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Knuckle Puck and Real Friends Co-headliner Acted Accordingly in Pennsylvania

Updated: Jan 8

Knuckle Puck, Photo by Kelly Hough

On December 14, 2023, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, One Step Closer and Arms Length came to Mr Smalls Theater in Millville, Pennsylvania. Arms Length opened the night and was absolutely phenomenal, and fans were pleased with their performance.


Things took a turn vibe-wise when One Step Closer entered the stage with the metal-like feel they brought to this tour lineup, opening up mosh pits at the first go around and crowd surfers, starting towards the end of their set. One Step Closer is definitely a band to keep your eye on and to see live. They crushed it. 

One Step Closer, Photos by Kelly Hough

Next was Real Friends. Real Friends truly never disappoints by any means. They're probably one of my personal favorite bands to see live because of their production and their all-around energy they bring to the stage of their performances. Vocalist Cody Muraro always makes the crowd move around and be so lively.  

Real Friends, Photos by Kelly Hough

Closing the night was Knuckle Puck, headlining on this sick co-headlining tour, and truly, the vibes have never been better. Crowd surfers started at the brink of them starting their set, and mosh pits started pretty early into the set as well. Vocalist Joe Taylor keeps the crowds moving all night long, making sure the vibe doesn’t get thrown off. Taylor’s stage presence is certainly unmatched, since he’s so energetic and truly loves being on the stage. 

Knuckle Puck, Photo by Kelly Hough

Knuckle Puck’s setlist was pretty sick, might I add, performing songs such as “The Tower”, “Groundhog Day” and, clearly, “Untitled” because you cannot go to a Knuckle Puck show and not scream “SILHOUETTES ON THE CEILING.” 

Knuckle Puck, Photos by Kelly Hough

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