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King of Wands - Housewife

20-year-old Brighid Fry (Housewife) drops new single "King of Wands" giving off a 'coming of age' vibe. Giving off an indie vibe, this song is about fighting back at the patriarchies' attempt to diminish women's confidence in their own intuition. I feel like songs like this are really important, especially in today's society, in where tearing down women seems to be a hobby among some.

"King of Wands" Cover Art

"I saw you coming so the blame is mine, I've got the future written down my spine." I particularly love this lyric because it states that just by being a woman, people will try to tear you down. A good amount of men in society currently believe that women are know-it-alls, which they also cover in the song with the lyric "gave all my power for a real cheap price because no one likes a know it all." This song reminds me a lot of "The Man" by Taylor Swift as well, speaking on the topic of misogyny.

With the lyric "a girl that I'll ignore, when she's got all the answers." I really, really like this lyric because it's a common stereotype for people not to want to listen to women simply because they're women, even if what they're saying is correct and logically makes sense.

"I saw you coming so the blame is mine." To me, this lyric emphasizes women expecting men to attempt to tear them down, which should not have to be the expectation for women, especially hard-working ones. I admire the woman empowerment vibe that they are giving off, and I think everyone should give this song a listen.

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