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JESSIA Celebrates the Power of Maternal Love in "The Woman You Are"

The Woman You Are Cover Art

JUNO Award-winning pop singer and songwriter JESSIA unveils her moving new single, The Woman You Are,” out on all streaming platforms on May 12th. 

Hailing from Canada, the songstress has been cultivating a meaningful relationship with her fan base through the steady release of honest, heartfelt music. The transparency in JESSIA’s lyrics—from viral singles like “I’m not Pretty” to the tracks on her debut EP, “How Are You?”—resonate with millions of listeners around the globe.

During a time when it’s more important than ever to connect with others and feel less alone, JESSIA is providing a safe haven for fans looking for a musician who really understands them. She puts into words things we’ve always felt but couldn’t express ourselves.

Her stunning new single, “The Woman You Are,” is another triumph of spirit. It’s a heartwarming love letter to mothers (and mom figures) and their transformative role in our lives. From the moment JESSIA sings the first delicate note, you know you're about to experience 3 minutes and 42 seconds of pure emotional release. One line, in particular, stood out upon listening: "Cause you taught me to see mountains as something to move."

It's a vital lesson to learn: How to understand our power. It's an even more meaningful lesson when it's learned through the love of a mother.

"I’ll be there beside every version of you," JESSIA sings. And it's such a beautiful promise and commitment to show up for the one person who has always shown up for you—in every version, every transformation, every moment you needed them most.

I’ve been wanting to write a song that celebrates mothers for a while now,” JESSIA writes. “I love seeing strong and powerful women raising strong and powerful women. I grew up seeing my mom as a superhero, and dreamed of living a life half as adventurous and exciting as hers. There comes a time in everyone's life when they realize their parents are just people too who seek validation and love, just like us kids. ‘The Woman You Are’ is my way of saying thank you to my mom for the years of encouragement and selflessness she has given me. I hope this song sparks more recognition for all the bad ass moms in this world because we wouldn't be who we are without them."

Listen to "The Woman You Are" on all streaming platforms. 

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