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"I Don't Feel Alive" by Chelsea Cutler

"I Don't Feel Alive" Cover Art

With relatable lyrics we can cry along to, Chelsea Cutler reaches out and touches our hearts with her typical lo-fi sound along with an additional hint of folk influence with her new single I Don't Feel Alive released on July 14th. The music on her new single is reminiscent of driving on the open road in the Northeast on a fall evening with the cool wind blowing through your hair and hitting your face. She describes the new single as "a song about existing versus truly living." The singer-songwriter has been very open with her journey with her mental health and shares on social media that the song describes how her depression "was more so this awareness that I was existing but not alive; going through the motions but not living; coasting but not rising to my potential. And no matter what I did to feel better, nothing seemed to work." Chelsea is known for her feature on Kygo's hit song, Not Ok, and collaborations with artists like Quinn XCII, Jeremy Zucker, and Noah Kahan. The single comes in anticipation of an album that Chelsea shares is her way of being open and honest with how she has felt the past few years. She sings in her new single, "If I could, I'd wake myself up when I am somebody that I'm proud of," and if her work on this single is a representation of the album that is to come, she should be able to wake herself up because she is certainly someone that her fans are proud of.

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