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Got Lost in the "Ultraviolet" with Silverstein in Atlanta, GA

December 1st, 2023 brought Silverstein to The Masquerade, which happens to be one of my favorite venues in Downtown Atlanta. Along for the This is How the Wind Shifts tour was AVOID and Stray from the Path.

From beginning to end, AVOID set the stage for incredible energy for the rest of the show. On the second song, the lead vocalist jumped down into the crowd and got a pit opened up. They also played my favorite song, “Can’t Take This Away”, that had the crowd screaming along. During one of the songs, the vocalist had everyone get down and then jump up. There was also somebody in a light up Christmas hat in the pit and crowd surfing through their set! AVOID even brought out their big red boots that have become an integral part of their shows. It was hilarious and 100% something I would expect from these guys.

When Stray from the Path came onto the stage, they brought the energy level UP! I had heard of this band before but never saw them live, and I am so glad I was able to see them on this tour. The energy was palpable with the band getting everyone involved jumping and clapping their hands. From the lights to the outfits to the movement around the stage, everything fit the vibe of not only band, but the show as a whole. This band reminds me of Rage Against the Machine and is definitely one I'd want to see again soon.

With the energy flowing from the first two bands, Silverstein took the stage to the crowd cheering enthusiastically. There were an incredible number of crowd surfers and circle pits through the set. The whole building was singing and vibing along. During this show, the fans were more than just mere spectators, they became part of the show by picking the songs that were on the setlist for the evening. I'd never seen this as part of a show before, but thought it was a great way to get the crowd engaged even more than they already were. During my favorite Silverstein song, "Ultraviolet", there were purple strobe lights that paired perfectly with it. The entire show was absolutely incredible!

There are still a few dates left on this tour, and you can grab them here! Looking to see AVOID in 2024? They'll be going out on tour with Dayseeker for select dates and you can grab tickets for that tour here! You can also catch them supporting Fit For A King and The Devil Wears Prada on their tour, tickets can be found here and here.

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