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"Fantasy" by Rly Blonde

Rly Blonde is a singer/songwriter from New York. Carina started out shooting

photography and is now expanding her creative realm to include music.

"Fantasy" Cover Art Assisted by Jordan Underwood

Rly Blonde's debut single "Fantasy" is an introspective on one-sided relationships based on male fantasies, and was released on February 14th. This anti-relationship anthem is driven by loud guitar, pop-punk-esque drums, and distorted vocals. Opening with the lyric, "first dates are getting boring, reciting all my bits in a line," listeners will be hooked to this anti-Valentine's Day melody, while also relating to the struggles expressed in the song. This subgenre of girl-boss anthems is on the rise, and "Fantasy" stands out from the rest by commenting on how you have the choice of feeding into the male fantasy as well as the choice not to. Many women are no stranger to the misogyny that presents itself when dating, and this song takes the listener through that unfortunate, yet common reality. Many listeners will find solace in knowing that they are not alone in that struggle while listening to this track.

via Rly Blonde

I believe this single will catapult Rly Blonde into the public's eye due to its relatability and sonic features. It even includes a voicemail which is a common staple in many pop-punk/anti-pop songs. This song truly takes it back to the early twenty-teens in the best way possible, by combining anti-pop staples with a new perspective on the female dating experience. This song is incredibly well done and well produced for it being Rly Blonde's debut single, and I can't wait to see what else Carina has in store for us. Make sure to follow her journey on Instagram, and on her website!

Rly Blonde

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