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Beautiful Ones by Jeffrey James

Put all of your worries away, Jeffrey James is here to give you that feeling of being on cloud nine with his newest single, "Beautiful Ones!" This feel-good anthem is the lead single from his next EP, which will be out in early 2023! Let's get more deeply into this song and our favorite bits from it:


Jeffrey worked with producer Brett Truitt (Betty Who, Chord Overstreet) to create the perfect pop anthem for this month. "Beautiful Ones" brings everything we love about happy songs to our playlists! The lyrics inspire us to call our friends, grab some beers, and prepare to have a great time while blasting this song. Happiness looks good on us, and Jeffrey wants to make sure we feel that life is worth living! Our favorite verse has to be the hook that describes that we "look good and it shows, from our head to our toe." This single is full of energy and is perfect to listen to on these warmer September days!

"Beautiful Ones" also includes some amazing details that deserve their praise, as they bring more rhythm to the single and add to that happy vibe. The song starts with a guitar solo before Jeffrey starts singing, and the track keeps adding tiny components, such as claps and whistles, that make it a great, layered anthem! We love to surround ourselves with these types of songs, and Jeffrey has done a great job in turning our day around to focus on those little things that make it all worth it.

You can listen to the track here, as well as following Jeffrey on all of his socials and keep up with his latest releases! We can't wait to enjoy his EP next year!

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