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Bearings, Knuckle Puck, and Real Friends at 1904

On March 18th, Bearings, Knuckle Puck, and Real Friends played an intimate show in the heart of Jacksonville, FL. They played at 1904 in a completely sold-out room, after fans had waited for multiple hours 'till doors to secure a good spot. It was one of the smallest venues on their tour, but fans still brought an incredible energy that buzzed through the room.

Bearings were on first, and the Canadian rockers let loose, hyping the crowd up by playing some of their newest singles, such as “Scenery,” “Sway,” and “Shaking Your Mind,” which all have gained widespread success. Fans jumped front to back and side to side as the band played some of their most upbeat songs and a nice mix of slower songs like “Blue In The Dark.” Whether you were a fan before the show or not, everyone left with a little more appreciation for them as artists.

Knuckle Puck took the stage next and played some of their well-known hits like “Untitled” and “No Good,” as well as their newest release, “Groundhog Day.” By the time their set started, pits had already begun forming, and fans were filled with excitement. People began crowd surfing and moshing to forget the redundancy of their everyday lives. Since there was no barricade, fans got the opportunity to be up close and personal with the band, which led to lots of amazing crowd interaction.

Real Friends was the last act to perform, and they left an extremely good impression. They opened with their most popular track, “I’ve Given Up on You,” which immediately got the crowd reeling in anticipation as to what they will be playing next. They played some of their newer songs off of their “Six Feet” EP, such as “Tell Me You’re Sorry” and “Six Feet,” as well as throwing it back to their roots as they joked that this was a “hometown show” for them due to their bassists' aunt living in the city. The band was incredibly interactive with the crowd and was right there to welcome crowd surfers onto the stage (for short periods of time), and even took BeReals for some lucky fans.

All in all, the show had an amazing atmosphere and was an incredible witness. Wishing all of the bands included more sold-out dates in the future!

All photos are by Layla Brodbeck

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