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Artists to Watch: December

A lot of new artists have been breaking onto the music scene in recent years. These young artists show us the direction that music is headed, not only using inspiration from some of their favorite artists, but going places that other artists have never gone before. Introducing this month’s trifecta of up-and-coming artists in pop, rock, and indie music, we will be delving into the indie pop sounds of Quotes From Movies, the cultivated pop music of Chloe Star, and the pop-punk band Dream Racer.

Photo by Maddie Walczak via Instagram

Up first is Quotes From Movies, an indie pop band that has been releasing songs since 2021. The alt-pop band is a duo of brothers Micah and Noah Humphries, who grew up playing instruments with dreams of being rock stars one day. Since 2021, they have released an EP and several singles of melancholic lyrics to tunes that will have you bopping your head. Quotes From Movies has a great discography for fans of sugary pop music from the Midwest. They're certainly a band to watch over these next few years because they have nowhere to go but up.

Photo by Jorden Keith Sorensen via Instagram

Chloe Star is next with her-excuse the pun-star quality in her cultivated sound. She is an indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist, and tribal advocate with some extremely catchy tunes. Growing up, Chloe's childhood was chaotic and often unstable, so she found comfort in journaling and writing poetry, which led to piano and guitar that then transformed her writing into lyrics. Her journey in releasing music started in 2023, and she is already making strides, gathering thousands of followers and listeners on social media and streaming platforms. There is no doubt in our mind that Chloe Star's name will be everywhere soon.

Photo by Kilo Alexander via Instagram

Closing out our December features is the pop-punk band Dream Racer. The band out of Southern California has been releasing music since 2021, including an EP. They have also had 2 single releases in 2023 that are absolute bangers, as well as played several shows local to California. Dream Racer describes their style of rock music as "emotive," and we can certainly hear the way they are expressing their emotions in the vocals, beat, and riffs. The band is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Robert Rodello, lead guitarist Manny Arrendando, bassist Anthony Bueno, and drummer Michael Raso. Their goal is to be a group of best friends who write and perform passionate music that the world can enjoy and be inspired by, and they are doing just that.

Up-and-coming artists are the future of music, and we are excited to see how they innovate within the music industry on their journeys!

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