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A Powerful Comeback for The Idoru

        The Idoru is the band I didn’t know I was missing from my life. I was truly blown away, yet so deeply drawn in. I spent an evening listening to their entire catalogue, or what I could locate, and watching all of their YouTube videos, and that evening turned into the next three weeks. I have cried through these songs, I have worked with them in the background, I have painted to them. It’s everything I love—hardcore, punk, and metal influences, sick progressions, no lack of guitar solos, lyrics that cut, and vocals and melodies that just give you chills.


Who is The Idoru?


         The Idoru emerged in Budapest, Hungary in 2003 by former members of the hardcore band Newborn. In their first year, they gained traction in the local scene pretty quickly, and expanded into international shows. They also recorded for the first time that year and released a three-song EP, After The Storm. In 2004, they released their debut album, Brand New Way, Brand New Situation. With the 2007 release of Monologue, they embarked on a European tour with Misfits, toured Japan with Ignite, and also performed in Russia. They went on to release two more full-length albums, Face the Light (2009), and Time (2011), both of which won the Fonogram Music Award for "Best Hard Rock/Metal Album of the Year".

         The band wasn’t active again until 2020, where they made a powerful comeback with a three-song EP, Old Songs. And now, in 2024, we see the release of a 10-song album, Undertow.


Current Members


Tibor Szalkai - Guitars

András Bödecs - Vocals

Gergely Varga - Guitars

Mátyás Mohácsi - Bass

Márió Szirota - Drums


  Undertow feels like a natural progression for The Idoru’s catalogue. It’s everything we’d expect from listening to previous albums, but shows growth and refinement. It’s a loud and powerful release that shouts they’re back and here to stay.

         "The King Is Naked" was my intro to the band, and as the first track of the album, sets the stage perfectly for the next nine songs. András’ powerful vocals are the first thing you hear, but only for a moment before Márió comes in with a powerfully fast beat. The lyrics seem to speak of the brokenness and hopelessness in humanity, which continues into the next song, Sewn Shut.


The tree of life is dying Our leaders are rotten to the core

They built the system too many years

We’re sick of it all


         He sings of being imprisoned in our minds, going deeper and deeper into our nightmares, the distraction of consumerism, the state of education, media brainwashing, our detachment from our souls. So much is covered here, and it’s such a heart-wrenching song lyrically.

         The fourth track, "Lighthouse", is composed so beautifully, with standout riffs and a deep and subtle guitar solo by Tibor and Gergely, a brief drum solo, and symphonic elements throughout.


I wonder, in the darkest hour

How much louder, I’ll scream your name


         This song evokes utter loneliness and darkness; there’s a theme of hiding away, yet despairing the solitude, and almost screaming for someone to notice.

         "New Directions" is a smooth transition, which starts off slow and somber with a relaxing progression from lead guitar that quickly builds into a heavier sound.


I’m fed up with this

I sacrificed myself for nothing

Screaming for change

Scars on my hands

And wounds on my soul


         "This Ship Will Sail" is the seventh track, speaking of the complexities of relationships, the question of holding on when things aren’t working, which is a theme that seems to run through "Until The End" and "Mystery" as well.

         "Between Good and Evil" is the final song, with a repetitive chorus that will definitely stick in your head (it definitely has in mine). The guitar solo takes us flawlessly into the bridge, and then we get a heavy ending to the album.


But how should I end the story

I wish it could have a happy ending

Signed with my name at the end


         Those last ten seconds feel so intense and brings it all to a close.

András Bodëcs' artwork for the album is mesmerizing, each single had artwork as well, which can be seen on their YouTube channel, where you can also find the music video for "This Ship Will Sail" and "Between Good and Evil".

Go check them out on Facebook and Instagram, and visit Black Star Foundation to snag one of these sick vinyls. Mine is already on its way.

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