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#43 - K.Flay

Our featured artist this week is K.Flay!

Courtesy of Danielle Ernst (@danielleernst_)

K.Flay's music is extremely unique, and we think that you would love to add her latest songs to your repeat rotation. Not only do we need to scream her lyrics at the top of our lungs, but we're also in awe of her storytelling through her music videos.

If you would love to get into her music, we definitely recommend you to take a listen to her latest single, "Raw Raw," as well as check out the music video for the track!

K.Flay has been making 2023 a year full of live experiences, as she is currently touring with Grandson across the US, and will be on the road until the end of June. She will also be touring across Europe this fall! You can get your tickets and keep in touch with her social media platforms right here!

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