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#41 - Anklebiter

Our featured artist this week is Anklebiter!

via Anklebiter's Instagram (@xanklebiterx)

If you are looking for new recommendations for your hard-rock/screamo playlist, look no further. Anklebiter is what you need! This four-piece band from the American northeast has already formed an incredible fanbase and unique live experiences at their shows, as their essence comes alive when they're on stage.

The band released their EP Demo 2022 last June, and it's a beloved project that both Anklebiter and their fans love and enjoy. Their aggressive tone and the screaming vocals truly capture the group's essence, and it's what makes Anklebiter so special.

The band also released their latest single, "Pearl," on April 25th. This track will be included in Anklebiter's next project, To Live and Withstand, which will be released on May 25th. You can pre-save it here!

You can also follow the band's socials and get tickets to their next live shows by clicking here!

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