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#39 - Weathers

Our featured artist this week is Weathers!

Courtesy of @edwin_daboub

Weathers is formed by three talented members: Cameron Boyer (lead singer/frontman), Cameron Olsen (guitarist), and Brennen Bates (bassist). The alternative rock band formed back in 2015, and they are constantly creating music to make their listeners feel that they are not alone, with songs that include themes such as mental health and anxiety.

Weathers is ready to make their way into your playlist this year, as they will release their new album Are We Having Fun? on May 5th. We're able to get a first taste of this newest release with the singles that have already been released: "She Hates Me," "ALL CAPS (feat. John The Ghost)" and "Where Do I Sign?" You can pre-save the album and participate in their special contest here.

If May wasn't already a fun month for Weathers, they will be performing on stage with other acts throughout the US! The band is currently on tour with Meg Meyers and Band of Silver until May 24th, and they will appear on the Californian dates for Set It Off's tour from May 26th until the 28th! Be sure to get your tickets ASAP and follow their social media through this link!

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