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#20 - The Home Team

Our featured artist this week is The Home Team!

via Sarina Solem

The Home Team is a four-piece from Seattle ready to rock your socks off! The band is composed of Brian Butcher (vocals), John Baran (guitar), Ryne Olson (bass), and Daniel Matson (drums). Their craft and live performances go hand in hand to bring their fans the best experience possible while supporting them! We have loved their tunes in Musaholic Magazine, and we recommend this amazing group!

2022 has been busy for them, as they were on the road with other great artists, such as This Wild Life, Broadside, Point North, Lil Lotus, and Concrete Castles throughout the beginning of the year. They also went on tour during the fall with Real Friends, With Confidence, and Taylor Acorn, and in between tours, they released the deluxe version of their latest album, 'Slow Bloom,' featuring their newest tracks, "FOMO (Bored of You)" and "Grievance Pay." A truly successful year for them!

2023 will bring us more live moments with The Home Team, as they will embark on their first full US headliner tour with Broadside and Honey Revenge during the spring! We are so excited to see them on stage again! You can get your tickets and follow them on their social media here!

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