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YOUR ANGEL is on her Best Behavior in New Single, "Misbehave"

The album art for YOUR ANGEL's Misbehave.
Photo by @madelineleary on Instagram.

Somewhere between the melodrama of Lorde, the romance of mxmtoon, and the yearning of Clairo sits self-proclaimed “normal girl” Maddy Boyd, who works under her solo project, YOUR ANGEL. She has toured in the past with Current Joys and Surf Curse, and on January 13 she released her single Misbehave.

Boyd’s ethereal pop pulls from 90’s icons like Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. And it shows — YOUR ANGEL releases some of the most sparkly music I’ve ever heard, in more than just a metaphorical sense.

The album art for Misbehave, and the promotional photos across Boyd’s Instagram have a very distinctive blue neon-sparkle to them. These visuals offer the same retro vibes and nostalgia as a disposable camera at a friend’s party. The kind of party where you slow dance to, coincidentally, Misbehave.

With a refrain like “‘Cause I love when you figure me out,” the tender yearning of YOUR ANGEL takes center stage. Lines such as “I’m scared that I won’t be good for you” and “I’m not getting older, send me to the other side” send a clear message. Boyd captures the fear, the excitement, and the resentment of falling in love, all in one song.

YOUR ANGEL presents soothing, velvety vocals float atop full kick drums and swinging snares. Twinkling synth alludes to her inspirations like sprinkles on the perfect ice cream sundae.

YOUR ANGEL’s sophomore album is coming soon, but if, like me, you just can’t wait, you can stream Pipe Dream, her 2019 album, here.

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