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You by Corduroy Beach

After talking with Corduroy Beach and getting to know their picks on their discography, we decided to dive into "You!" This song is our favorite single by them, and it's a perfect jam to play with your headphones at 100% volume, and we recommend you listen to it and add it to your playlists to keep the band on your radar in 2023!

We love the buildup that the song starts with during the intro. Some subtle guitar notes erupt into the instrumental that's prominent in the rest of the track, which is a great alternative vibe. We also love how the band starts singing louder and louder as we progress throughout the single! We are big fans of songs that tell a story through different details, and Corduroy Beach has made us jump more and more as we keep on listening to this track!

The band also picks this song as their favorite to play live, as they get into its ethereal and loud vibes while on stage! If you're in Atlanta on December 29th, don't forget to stop by Smith's Olde Bar to check out this awesome group! You can get your tickets here!

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