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Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue's 20th Anniversary Show

Back in 2003, Yellowcard was beginning to make a name for themselves. When they dropped Ocean Avenue, their whole world turned upside down. The album and especially the title track performed extremely well despite critics' mixed reviews. Now here we are, exactly 20 years since the album release, in the city where it all began, ready for the performance of a lifetime. July 22nd at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, FL, high off their sold-out show here the night before, Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Story Of The Year, and This Wild Life were ready to put on another sold-out show!

This Wild Life opened up the night with their acoustic set, getting the crowd to vibe along with them for the first five songs of the night. Emo Night Brooklyn DJ kept the crowd hyped up in between sets, playing pop punk and emo fan favorites.

Story Of The Year was second to take the stage. Each member gave it their all, one of their crew members filling in for Adam Russell on bass, while he recovers from an injury at a past show. Story Of The Year ended their set with their widely known "Until The Day I Die," which had the crowd at its loudest so far.

Derek Sanders via Nolan Fisher

As the sun fell, Mayday Parade stormed the stage. They opened their set with their classic "Oh Well, Oh Well," which transitioned beautifully into their new single, "More Like A Crash." Playing their biggest tracks, like "Miserable At Best," "Jamie All Over," and "Jersey," in addition to their newest singles, was the perfect choice for this night of sing-alongs. The lighting throughout the set was beautiful and full of color. The whole band had an insanely high level of energy, with frontman Derek Sanders constantly spinning and hopping around the stage.

When the time came for Yellowcard to hit the stage, fans were eager and hyped for the main event. Yellowcard's set included 19 songs, nine of them being from the birthday album, Ocean Avenue. All night, the crowd surfed, screamed, jumped, danced, and even moshed a little. William Ryan Key, Yellowcard's lead vocalist and frontman, told a few stories to the people of Jacksonville about their upbringing, Ocean Avenue, their friends Mayday Parade, and more. The show was filled with insane musical talent from each member, with Sean Mackin proving as he always does that the violin deserves its place in pop-punk and on stage. The light show was very complimentary to the music. The color schemes varying per song and having distinct visuals really tied it all together. Of course, they saved the most iconic song for last, "Ocean Avenue." The venue was at its loudest, and you could tell the band felt the energy from the crowd. The good vibes were bouncing off everyone in the building, the energy was infectious throughout. We definitely recommend catching these bands on tour, it was a night to remember!

All images of Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Story Of The Year, and This Wild Life were taken by Nolan Fisher.


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