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If you love listening to a dark-pop genre song, or a song that has a supernatural-like feeling when you enjoy it for the first time, you can check out LEXXE's new single, "X."


LEXXE is a New York native dark-pop artist. She's currently performing at COMPANY XIV, a neo-burlesque group called COMPANY XIV. She was featured in articles from websites ranging from Billboard to EARMILK. She made this euphoric & emotional song, a heartwarming tale of love and loss. This song is an ode to her father, Xavier (X), who passed away 20 years ago, hence the track's name. She released it on her fathers' birthday to pay tribute to him.

She stated: “A few years ago, I was performing and could absolutely swear I saw my father sitting front row.” She added, “I love to write about the supernatural things we don’t understand, so while acknowledging that seeing him could’ve been something my mind made up, it doesn’t make it any less poignant.”

Check out LEXXE's website and socials here!

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