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X Ambassadors Bring the Townie Tour to Nashville

X Ambassadors, Photo by Sarah Rosin

On Sunday June 9th, X Ambassadors brought the Townie Tour to The Basement East in Nashville, TN. Earlier in the travel day, the band shared on social media that their bus had broken down, so they packed up as much as they could in some rental cars to play a stripped down version of their set based on what they could fit in the cars. And, upon arrival, fans saw the stage set with stools and a few guitars, but with seconds to spare before the first act went on, X Ambassadors' crew came bursting through the doors with the rest of their gear and set up the stage at light speed in front of the anxious crowd.

New West, Photos by Sarah Rosin

Once the stage was set, the opening act, New West took the stage to perform a stripped down version of their set for the crowd. They immediately set the mood with smooth vibes, but still brought incredible energy, interacting with the crowd and jumping on the barricade. During the set, the band took a moment to shoutout their drummer who didn't make it on stage with them for the stripped down set due to the bus fiasco, but that didn't stop him from hopping up on stage to hype up the crowd. For their final song, New West brought out their new friend Rowan Drake to perform a song that his mom used to sing to him when he was a kid, which made the whole experience that much more special.

Sam Harris, Photo by Sarah Rosin

Then, X Ambassadors took the stage by performing their hit song, "Renegades," and the audience was ecstatic! The entire set screamed expertise in performing live music, but especially the way the members showed off their jazzy dance moves with the flashing lights. The crowd was absolutely mesmerized by not only their stage presence but also the quality of the music they were performing in front of them, which made it well worth the wait for the crew to set up their gear at the last minute. It was a cool experience to have the opportunity to watch the crew piece together the stage to make the show come to life. In fact, New West gave the crew a shoutout during their set, saying, "Let's give it up for our crew! It takes a whole lot to get us up on stage, and I don't want to take that for granted." And, the audience got to see that first hand.

X Ambassadors, Photos by Sarah Rosin

As the Townie Tour comes to a close, X Ambassadors is worth keeping an eye on as they have started to tease new music on social media and likely have more exciting announcements on the way!

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