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Wildflower by Thomas Day

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Need a hug on those days when you feel all by yourself? Thomas Day is here with his newest track, "Wildflower!" This song is a great pick-me-up track. We sometimes "just need a little sunshine"! Let's go through the song and the music video that accompanies this amazing tune:


Thomas created this song to "help anyone who is feeling alone." Everyone has had those days sometimes, even when it looks like our lives are perfect. We're still human. Starting with a guitar line and his vocals, Thomas is ready to help us with great lyrics and an uplifting chorus with lyrics such as "here with me, you can unwind" and "my wildflower, just watch how you grow." The chorus also explodes in such a fun instrumental with some cool production, complimenting the song well. We love it when our new favorites play along with their tunes to bring us through an amazing journey!

The meaning of "Wildflower" truly comes alive with the music video, in which we can see Thomas helping someone out to feel surrounded by a pretty aesthetic full of color and happiness. It's so cool to see how we could witness the true significance of the song! "Wildflower" is a great track to play with both our sight and hearing senses! Check out the music video below!

You can follow Thomas' Instagram and TikTok to keep up with his newest releases! And make sure to listen to "Wildflower" as much as we will!

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