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Who is Paravi? and Why You Should Check Her Out

Paravi Das is a Desi singer, songwriter, illustrator, and actress who gained an audience of over 2.7 million followers on TikTok and 194k on Instagram with her positive content, comedic sketches, and singing clips. Her last viral video was involved the “I hate all men but…” trend, she also went viral with, and released on music streaming platforms, the covers of “Electric Love”, “Cloud 9”, “Godspeed”, “Home”, “Falling”. Her unique tone and twist to the songs are what made people fall in love with her artistry.

via @lissyellelaricchia on Instagram

A lot has happened since the first viral video, she released an EP called “Thank You For Being Here” with her covers, created an amazing fan base, was featured on the soundtrack of “Elvis” with her cover of “Suspicious Mind”, signed with RCA record as a recording artist, and just released her debut single “Golden Child”.

Here’s what she said about the song on her Instagram post:

“This song is for the burnout gifted children, the overachievers compensating for their insecurities, the children of immigrants working tirelessly to make their parent’s sacrifice ‘worth it’, the straight-A-students without social life, the ones who gave up happiness & friendship for 36’s on ACT’s and 1600’s on SAT, the kids who don’t let themselves mess-up or live life because there are more important things to do. This song is for the ones who finally learned there ARE more important things to do, & those things include f*cking up, being messy, cringing at your past, blowing off school to go make memories, making silly lil mistakes that won’t matter in a few months, & lessening the pressure we’re carved out for ourselves. Treating ourselves with kindness, & that kindness being permission to f*ck up. To be bad at things. To be a B-student. To realize we are still golden children even when we are not our best.”

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