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Waterparks Sneaks Out of Heaven in Atlanta

If there's any way to start a week off right, it's by attending a concert on a Monday night. And, many did just that on March 25th at the historic Tabernacle in the heart of Atlanta. As part of their Sneaking Out of Heaven tour, Waterparks brought along Pollyanna and Loveless as openers. The venue itself is stunning with multiple levels and a combination of seats and a standing room with fantastic viewing from anywhere.

Before Pollyanna even took the stage, the venue was buzzing with palpable energy. Fans were decked out and ready to party! From the minute they stepped on stage, you could tell Pollyanna was going to put on a great show. The lead vocalist came out with bright green hair that glowed on stage. There were even a couple of crowd surfers during their set.

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

Next up was Loveless, and the crowd went WILD when they stepped on stage. Lead singer Julien Comeau's stage presence is unmatched as he moved around the stage, interacting with the crowd. Loveless chose some of their most popular songs to perform, including a handful of their older songs like Lighthouse and a medley of their covers. Fans were also treated to a performance of an unreleased song that will be on their much anticipated Loveless II album.

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

Once Waterparks stepped on stage, the energy level was even higher than before.

Photo by Jennifer Mullins

Set before a background of dynamic screens and incredible lighting, Geoff, Awsten and Otto brought the energy through the entire set. It was incredible seeing the band interact with fans and never once forgetting the ones sitting on the third-floor balcony. Awsten showed support for both Pollyanna and Loveless by shouting them out on stage and thanking everyone for coming to see the openers.

While the first part of the show was energetic and lighthearted with songs like "Stupid For You" and "Blonde," the tone of the show changed slightly right before "Sneaking Out of Heaven" was performed. Everyone collectively held their breath as a white cloth was pulled up on the front of the stage. A white spotlight highlighted Awsten in silhouette sitting on a stool and outlines of people in gas masks walking behind him. A track played in the background speaking on religious trauma while the words were displayed over the spotlight. This message resonated with many in the crowd as everyone started cheering towards the end.

Photo by Jennifer Mullins

As the screen dropped, fans cheered loudly as the band once again took the stage, complete with outfit and set changes that made everything feel more ominous and dark. The set now included overgrowth thrown over the screens as well as bodies in hazmat suites and gas masks sprinkled about. This set the stage perfectly for their tour titled track.

The rest of the show included many hits off Waterparks' latest album Intellectual Property, including hits like "Fuck About It," "Funeral Grey," and "Brainwashed" with an encore that included three additional songs. It was truly a night of heaven for everyone in attendance!

Photos by Jennifer Mullins


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