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Wander With You by Rohna

If you are looking for a chill track to start September right, look no further! Rohna is here to help you with their latest single, "Wander With You," including some calming vibes and a music video that will make you miss summer already.

cover art via Spotify

The indie alt-rock Tampa band has been focusing on playing live throughout the summer and growing their fan community to spread positivity, and this single truly fits their message. "Wander With You" inspires us to live in the moment while being surrounded by the people we love. Rohna describes how we will treasure those feelings later on without any regrets. Enjoying your favorite moments with your favorite person should be memorable. This sweet track features soft vocals, which fade throughout the second verse while singing "as we watch the clouds roll down, off the mountains that surround..." The soothing instrumentals also add to that end-of-summer feeling that entails wanting to only focus on our amazing memories.

The music video for this single collects Rohna's summer memories, filmed by the band and Braxton Mahaney with VHS film and edited by Luca Canalungo, the band's drummer. Watching those clips truly teleported us back to the beach! We loved how it fits the song and the overall aesthetic, capturing the band's memories and making it personal and extra special. Be sure to check it out down below!

"Wander With You" is a great track to add to your September playlists, and we can't wait to enjoy more amazing songs by Rohna!

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