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Wage War Spreads Metal Mania at Jannus Live

On April 12th, 2023, Wage War took the stage at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg Florida. This was their second show on their “The Manic'' tour and it was the first show they sold-out for the tour. Fans brought an incredible energy that buzzed through the venue.

Wage War via Helena Tankosic

First on the stage was the deathcore unit from the California Bay Area, Spite. Their lead vocalist, Darius Tehrani, immediately conveyed the audience’s attention with his amazing performance. Starting in 2016, the band has spent years finding their sound. The band’s music is dark yet thrashy immediately from the get-go, the show was packed with technical components and the vocals contain sustained sections of carnage and are simply demonic.

Next up was alternative rapper, Nothing, Nowhere. His performance was highly energetic and had fans singing along with him. The artist began interacting with the active crowd throughout the show and continued till the end of the show. Over the years, Nothing, Nowhere has been on numerous tours and released an arrangement of new music.

Wage War was the last act to perform, and they left an extremely good impression. By the time their set started, pits had already begun forming, and fans were filled with excitement. People began crowd surfing and moshing almost immediately as they stepped on the stage. It’s evident that the Ocala, FL natives knew how to make metal fans go crazy to some great tracks. Wage War demands high energy from their crowds, but luckily fans are quick to appeal to their demands with the same head-banging energy. All in all, the show had an amazing atmosphere, and was an incredible thing to witness, especially for the first time. Hoping for more sold-out dates in the future!

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