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“VICIOUS” by Thomas Day


This is my favorite time of year to discover new bright and upbeat music because I know I’ll be listening to these songs all throughout spring and summer. Thomas Day’s newest release, "VICIOUS," is no exception to that. The bright and sweet pop melody, mixed with his melodic voice and raw lyrics, come together to create a tune that is sure to please everyone.

One of the initial things that struck a chord with me was how vulnerable he is with his lyrics. ”VICIOUS” could be relatable for so many people because of the lyric: “I wish we could go back to the way it was, but I’ve got my own eyes, I’ve seen enough, all the damage.” This struck a chord with me in knowing that it's okay to wish for things to be the way they used to be, but also acknowledge the damage this person might have caused. However bright and poppy this song sounds, the lyrics are raw and emotional as they speak about learning to leave someone in your past.

Thomas Day’s newest single, “VICIOUS,” is already on repeat for me, and I hope it will quickly become the same for you. The marriage of his beautiful voice, skilled lyricism, and bright, fun track create a song that's sure to please everyone.

Be sure to keep up with Thomas Day through his Instagram and TikTok!

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