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"Used By You" by Caroline Romano

"Used By You" Cover Art

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Caroline Romano has been making a name for herself in the music industry since she first started releasing music in 2017. The young artist consistently released music throughout 2022 and 2023 and released her first single of 2024, "Used By You," on February 23rd. With this release, Caroline really shows off her vocal range and bold sound that has been allowing her to break genre parameters.

Caroline Romano, Photo by Kelsey Runge

She describes this song as "brutal," saying, "It’s unabashedly honest, blunt, and real. It’s a song about the side effects of unrequited admiration. It’s about loving someone to the point that you’re willing to move mountains for them, even when they’re not willing to move an inch for you. It’s the fear of losing someone so much, that you’d rather lose yourself just to keep them." And, it is the perfect song to cry along to in the shower or belt out in your car.

"Used By You" is only the latest song in Caroline's impressive discography that discuss themes, such as the things going on in her brain, her dreams, and unrequited love. Caroline also shared additional thoughts with us in an interview that will be available in Musaholic Magazine print issue 6.

The Night Shift Tour Poster

This new single also comes out just in time for Caroline to announce that she will be opening for Smallpools and Greyscale on The Night Shift Tour from April 26th-May 8th. Tickets to the tour can be found here.

If you haven't already, you're going to want to add "Used By You" to all of your playlists and stream the rest of Caroline Romano's discography on a loop.

Caroline Romano, Photo by Kelsey Runge

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