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Underoath & The Ghost Inside Rock St. Augustine, Florida

After a crazy two nights performing in Underoath's hometown of Tampa, the tour traveled up to the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine. Underoath was joined by The Ghost Inside, We Came As Romans, and Better Lovers at the St. Augustine Amphitheater.

Underoath via Nolan Fisher

After Better Lovers and We Came As Romans warmed up the crowd for the rest of the night, The Ghost Inside was next to hit the stage. The lights, the visuals, the instrumentals, and the stage presence truly made The Ghost Inside a wonderful band to watch. They played a beautiful mix of their discography, but the crowd was the loudest during "Engine 45." Lots of moshing and crowd surfing later, The Ghost Inside's set was over, and everyone was waiting in anticipation for Underoath's first-ever performance in St. Augustine. As soon as frontman, Spencer Chamberlin, and the rest of the band came out, it was utter chaos. From "Writing On The Walls" to "Reinventing Your Exit" to "Cycle," the setlist was perfectly curated to show Underoath's evolution. The lighting and visuals created a cinematic atmosphere. It felt like a movie, a really hardcore one at that. The stage presence of each member showed how much they truly enjoy what they do. The crowd interaction was one of the craziest I've seen: When Spencer told the crowd to jump, everyone was off their feet. The crowd surfing and moshing was a sight to see from the seats behind. If you like moshing or just screaming along to relatable lyrics, you should definitely check out these bands on tour!

All Images of Underoath, The Ghost Inside, We Came As Romans, & Better Lovers via Nolan Fisher

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